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Note: this document is automatically generated from configuration objects in our source code. See Config guide for more info

Source file


MultiXYPlotRenderer - Slots

slot: filled

filled: {
type: 'boolean',
defaultValue: true,

slot: displayCrossHatches

displayCrossHatches: {
type: 'boolean',
description: 'choose to draw cross hatches (sideways lines)',
defaultValue: false,

slot: summaryScoreMode

summaryScoreMode: {
type: 'stringEnum',
model: types.enumeration('Score type', ['max', 'min', 'avg', 'whiskers']),
'choose whether to use max/min/average or whiskers which combines all three into the same rendering',
defaultValue: 'avg',

slot: minSize

minSize: {
type: 'number',
defaultValue: 0,

MultiXYPlotRenderer - Derives from

baseConfiguration: baseWiggleRendererConfigSchema