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Note: this document is automatically generated from configuration objects in our source code. See Config guide for more info

Source file


used to display base level DNA sequence tracks

ReferenceSequenceTrack - Identifier

slot: explicitIdentifier

ReferenceSequenceTrack - Slots

slot: adapter

configuration for track adapter

adapter: pluginManager.pluggableConfigSchemaType('adapter')

slot: displays

configuration for the displays e.g. LinearReferenceSequenceDisplay

displays: types.array(pluginManager.pluggableConfigSchemaType('display'))

slot: name

name: {
type: 'string',
'optional track name, otherwise uses the "Reference sequence (assemblyName)"',
defaultValue: '',

slot: metadata

metadata: {
type: 'frozen',
description: 'anything to add about this track',
defaultValue: {},

slot: formatAbout.config

config: {
type: 'frozen',
description: 'formats configuration in about dialog',
defaultValue: {},
contextVariable: ['config'],

slot: formatAbout.hideUris

hideUris: {
type: 'boolean',
defaultValue: false,