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Note: this document is automatically generated from configuration objects in our source code. See Config guide for more info

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Gff3TabixAdapter - Slots

slot: gffGzLocation

gffGzLocation: {
type: 'fileLocation',
defaultValue: { uri: '/path/to/my.gff.gz', locationType: 'UriLocation' },

slot: index.indexType

indexType: {
model: types.enumeration('IndexType', ['TBI', 'CSI']),
type: 'stringEnum',
defaultValue: 'TBI',

slot: index.indexType

location: {
type: 'fileLocation',
defaultValue: {
uri: '/path/to/my.gff.gz.tbi',
locationType: 'UriLocation',

slot: dontRedispatch

the Gff3TabixAdapter has to "redispatch" if it fetches a region and features it finds inside that region extend outside the region we requested. you can disable this for certain feature types to avoid fetching e.g. the entire chromosome

dontRedispatch: {
type: 'stringArray',
defaultValue: ['chromosome', 'region'],