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Welcome to the JBrowse 2 documentation.

Quick start guides

User guide

  • User guide - for general usage, guided by screenshots and descriptions



  • Admin server - a guide for configuring JBrowse via the GUI with the admin-server tool


Other resources

  • FAQ - some Q&A for troubleshooting or other topics
  • @jbrowse/cli - docs for our CLI tools for loading tracks, assemblies, text indexing, and more
  • @jbrowse/img - docs for our command line image generator
  • Embedded components - docs for our reusable React components on NPM
  • JBrowseR - docs for our R htmlwidget usable in Shiny apps
  • JBrowse Jupyter - docs for our Python dash component usable in Jupyter

Contact information

Feel free to contact us if you have questions, issues, suggestions, improvements, or feedback. Enjoy!