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JBrowse 2 web#

To get started with JBrowse Web, we recommend using the jbrowse CLI tools. You can also use the jbrowse CLI for things like adding tracks too.

npm install -g @jbrowse/cli
## Downloads the latest release of jbrowse from github releasesjbrowse create jbrowse_folder

Alternatively, manually download this release as a zip file from GitHub here:

To get it set up, check out our super-quick start guide or slightly-longer quick-start guide for setting up JBrowse Web.

JBrowse 2 embedded components#

We also have our embedded components, such as @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view, which is the React component for the linear genome browser view (no circular, dotplot, etc).

See for instructions on downloading this with npm or yarn.