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JBrowse 2 desktop

Checkout our downloads available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux


Download JBrowse 2 desktop on the platform of your choice:




Check out our quick start guide instructions after downloading. Can't find what you're looking for? Checkout other platforms.

JBrowse desktop session

JBrowse 2 web

To get started with JBrowse Web, we recommend using the jbrowse CLI tools. You can also use the jbrowse CLI for things like adding tracks too.

JBrowse CLI tools

npm install -g @jbrowse/cli

## Downloads the latest release of jbrowse from github releases
jbrowse create jbrowse_folder

Alternatively, manually download this release as a zip file from GitHub here:

To get started, check out our super-quick start guide or slightly-longer quick-start guide.

Static image generator

  • @jbrowse/img - Generate images of JBrowse 2 statically on the command line

Embedded components

R/Shiny widget