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Download JBrowse 2

JBrowse 2 is a new browser for today's increasingly complex data. We make several different products for use in different scenarios, choose the one below that best fits your needs.

JBrowse Desktop

A standalone app that runs on your own computer that can view data from many sources. Download JBrowse Desktop on the platform of your choice:

Checkout our downloads available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux





Check out our quick start guide instructions after downloading. Can't find what you're looking for? Checkout other platforms.

JBrowse Web

Run a full-featured genome browser with many types of built-in views on your own website.

JBrowse Web


Consider installing the JBrowse CLI tools (below), which can be used to create and manage JBrowse Web instances from the command line.

JBrowse CLI tools

The JBrowse CLI helps administrators add genome assemblies, tracks, and more to their config files.

To install:

npm install -g @jbrowse/cli

After installing the CLI tools, check out our quick-start guide.

Static image generator

  • @jbrowse/img - Generate images of JBrowse 2 statically on the command line

Embedded components

More info here embedded docs including examples of including the app with various build systems (create-react-app, vite, next.js, vanillajs, etc.)

Jupyter Notebooks Extension

Dash - Python

R/Shiny widget