Quick start for JBrowse desktop

Important note on JBrowse desktop

We do not have downloads of JBrowse 2 Desktop yet, it is expecting a release in late 2020

Installing JBrowse desktop

This guide will walk you through installing jbrowse 2 on the desktop

JBrowse 2 desktop does not require any pre-requisites for your installation, so we can jump right in

Installing on Linux

Visit http://github.com/gmod/jbrowse-components/releases/latest

Download the latest release artifact with linux in the name

Unzip the file, open the directory, and run the file named "JBrowse 2" in the terminal with

./JBrowse\ 2

Installing on MacOS

Visit http://github.com/gmod/jbrowse-components/releases/latest and find the latest MacOS release artifact in our latest builds

You can then unzip this download and the "JBrowse 2" app will be unzipped to this folder. You can then run JBrowse 2 from clicking this file.

Finder window showing the downloaded zip file and unzipped contents

To run JBrowse 2, you can launch the unzipped app, however if you double click on the file it may give you a warning about running a program from an unauthorized developer since JBrowse 2 isn't registered with Mac's app store

In order to properly launch JBrowse 2

  1. Right-click or hold control and click "JBrowse 2" app in the Finder
  2. Select "Open" from the context menu
  3. The warning will pop up again but with the option to run icon

Reference https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/open-a-mac-app-from-an-unidentified-developer-mh40616/mac

The \"open app from unauthorized developer\" after right-clicking and selecting \"open\"

Installing on Windows

Visit http://github.com/gmod/jbrowse-components/releases/latest

You can then unzip this file and run the file that comes from unzipping it. Moving this file to the Applications folder is also equivalent to "installing" JBrowse 2

Then open up the Windows Explorer in the unzipped directory and run "JBrowse 2.exe". This may give a "Windows protected your PC" warning, but select "More info..." and then "Run anyway"