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JBrowse: The next generation genome browser

The mission of the JBrowse Consortium is to develop a comprehensive, pluggable, open-source computational platform for visualizing and integrating biological data.

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Also check out our latest release blogpost, our embedded components, and our command line tools.
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Introducing JBrowse Desktop

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  • Improved structural variant and compariative genomics visualization with linear, circular, dotplot, and synteny views
  • Support for many common data types including BAM, CRAM, tabix indexed VCF, GFF, BED, BigBed, BigWig, and several specialized formats
  • Endless extensibility with a plugin ecosytem which can add additional view types, track types, data adapters, and more!
  • See a summary of new features and a comparison to JBrowse 1
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Research citations are one of the main metrics the JBrowse project uses to demonstrate our relevance and utility when applying for funding to continue our work. If you use JBrowse in research that you publish, please cite the most recent JBrowse paper:

Buels, Robert, et al. "JBrowse: a dynamic web platform for genome visualization and analysis." Genome Biology 17.1 (2016): 66.


JBrowse is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Funding and Collaboration

JBrowse development is supported by the US National Institutes of Health (U41 HG003751), The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, and the University of California, Berkeley.