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Note: this document is automatically generated from configuration objects in our source code. See Config guide for more info

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SharedWiggleDisplay - Slots

slot: autoscale

autoscale: {
type: 'stringEnum',
defaultValue: 'local',
model: types.enumeration('Autoscale type', [
'global/local using their min/max values or w/ standard deviations (globalsd/localsd)',

slot: minimalTicks

minimalTicks: {
type: 'boolean',
defaultValue: false,
description: 'use the minimal amount of ticks',

slot: minScore

minScore: {
type: 'number',
defaultValue: Number.MIN_VALUE,
description: 'minimum value for the y-scale',

slot: maxScore

maxScore: {
type: 'number',
description: 'maximum value for the y-scale',
defaultValue: Number.MAX_VALUE,

slot: numStdDev

numStdDev: {
type: 'number',
'number of standard deviations to use for autoscale types globalsd or localsd',
defaultValue: 3,

slot: scaleType

scaleType: {
type: 'stringEnum',
model: types.enumeration('Scale type', ['linear', 'log']),
description: 'The type of scale to use',
defaultValue: 'linear',

slot: inverted

inverted: {
type: 'boolean',
description: 'draw upside down',
defaultValue: false,

SharedWiggleDisplay - Derives from

baseConfiguration: baseLinearDisplayConfigSchema