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Note: this document is automatically generated from configuration objects in our source code. See Config guide for more info

Source file


LinearReadArcsDisplay - Slots

slot: maxFeatureScreenDensity

maxFeatureScreenDensity: {
type: 'number',
description: 'maximum features per pixel that is displayed in the view',
defaultValue: 5,

slot: lineWidth

lineWidth: {
type: 'number',
description: 'set arc line width',
defaultValue: 1,

slot: jitter

jitter: {
type: 'number',
'jitters the x position so e.g. if many reads map to exact same x position, jittering makes it easy to see that there are many of them',
defaultValue: 0,

slot: colorScheme

colorScheme: {
type: 'stringEnum',
model: types.enumeration('colorScheme', [
description: 'color scheme to use',
defaultValue: 'normal',

LinearReadArcsDisplay - Derives from

baseConfiguration: linearBasicDisplayConfigSchemaFactory(pluginManager)