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Note: this document is automatically generated from mobx-state-tree objects in our source code. See Core concepts and intro to pluggable elements for more info

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ReferenceManagementSessionMixin - Methods

method: getReferring

See if any MST nodes currently have a types.reference to this object.

// type signature
getReferring: (object: IAnyStateTreeNode) => ReferringNode[]

ReferenceManagementSessionMixin - Actions

action: removeReferring

// type signature
removeReferring: (referring: ReferringNode[], track: { [x: string]: any; } & NonEmptyObject & { setSubschema(slotName: string, data: unknown): any; } & IStateTreeNode<ConfigurationSchemaType<{ name: { description: string; type: string; defaultValue: string; }; ... 8 more ...; formatAbout: ConfigurationSchemaType<...>; }, Configurati...