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Note: this document is automatically generated from mobx-state-tree objects in our source code. See Core concepts and intro to pluggable elements for more info

Source file


GoogleDriveOAuthInternetAccount - Properties

property: type

// type signature
// code
type: types.literal('GoogleDriveOAuthInternetAccount')

property: configuration

// type signature
ConfigurationSchemaType<{ authEndpoint: { description: string; type: string; defaultValue: string; }; scopes: { description: string; type: string; defaultValue: string; }; domains: { description: string; type: string; defaultValue: string[]; }; responseType: { ...; }; }, ConfigurationSchemaOptions<...>>
// code
configuration: ConfigurationReference(configSchema)

GoogleDriveOAuthInternetAccount - Getters

getter: toggleContents

The FileSelector icon for Google drive

// type

getter: selectorLabel

// type

GoogleDriveOAuthInternetAccount - Methods

method: getFetcher

// type signature
getFetcher: (location?: UriLocation) => (input: RequestInfo, init?: RequestInitWithMetadata) => Promise<Response>

method: openLocation

// type signature
openLocation: (location: UriLocation) => GoogleDriveFile

GoogleDriveOAuthInternetAccount - Actions

action: validateToken

// type signature
validateToken: (token: string, location: UriLocation) => Promise<string>