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Note: this document is automatically generated from mobx-state-tree objects in our source code. See Core concepts and intro to pluggable elements for more info

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composed of

note: many properties of the root model are available through the session, and we generally prefer using the session model (via e.g. getSession) over the root model (via e.g. getRoot) in plugin code

JBrowseReactAppRootModel - Actions

action: setSession

// type signature
setSession: (sessionSnapshot?: ModelCreationType<ExtractCFromProps<{ id: IOptionalIType<ISimpleType<string>, [undefined]>; name: ISimpleType<string>; margin: IType<number, number, number>; }>>) => void

action: setPluginsUpdated

// type signature
setPluginsUpdated: (flag: boolean) => void

action: setDefaultSession

// type signature
setDefaultSession: () => void

action: renameCurrentSession

// type signature
renameCurrentSession: (sessionName: string) => void

action: setError

// type signature
setError: (error?: unknown) => void