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Note: this document is automatically generated from mobx-state-tree objects in our source code. See Core concepts and intro to pluggable elements for more info

Source file


factory function for the Base-level root model shared by all products

BaseRootModel - Properties

property: jbrowse

jbrowse is a mapping of the config.json into the in-memory state tree

// type signature
// code
jbrowse: jbrowseModelType

property: session

session encompasses the currently active state of the app, including views open, tracks open in those views, etc.

// type signature
// code
session: types.maybe(sessionModelType)

property: sessionPath

// type signature
IOptionalIType<ISimpleType<string>, [undefined]>
// code
sessionPath: types.optional(types.string, '')

property: assemblyManager

// type signature
IOptionalIType<IModelType<{ assemblies: IArrayType<IModelType<{ configuration: IMaybe<IReferenceType<IAnyType>>; }, { error: unknown; loaded: boolean; loadingP: Promise<void>; volatileRegions: BasicRegion[]; refNameAliases: RefNameAliases; lowerCaseRefNameAliases: RefNameAliases; cytobands: Feature[]; } & ... 5 more...
// code
assemblyManager: types.optional(
assemblyManagerFactory(assemblyConfigSchema, pluginManager),

BaseRootModel - Actions

action: setError

// type signature
setError: (error: unknown) => void

action: setSession

// type signature
setSession: (sessionSnapshot?: any) => void

action: setDefaultSession

// type signature
setDefaultSession: () => void

action: setSessionPath

// type signature
setSessionPath: (path: string) => void

action: renameCurrentSession

// type signature
renameCurrentSession: (newName: string) => void