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Intro to the config.json format

A JBrowse 2 configuration for jbrowse-web is stored in a file (often called config.json) and is structured as follows

"configuration": {
/* global configs here */
"assemblies": [
/* list of assembly configurations, e.g. the genomes being viewed */
"tracks": [
/* array of tracks being loaded, contain reference to which assembl(y/ies)
they belong to */
"aggregateTextSearchAdapters": [
/* optional array of text search adapters */
"defaultSession": {
/* optional default session */

The most important thing to configure are your assemblies and your tracks.


Note: On jbrowse desktop, a "session" refers to a config.json with a .jbrowse file extension


Note: with embedded components e.g. @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view, it does not accept a config file but rather an object at runtime with the config loaded.

To fetch a config.json object on the fly in @jbrowse/react-linear-genome-view, you might use something like this:

const response = await fetch('config.json')
if (!response.ok) {
throw new Error(`HTTP status ${response.status} fetching ${url}`)
const config = await response.json()
assembly: config.assemblies[0], // only one assembly used in embedded currently)