JBrowse 1.8.1 bugfix release

JBrowse 1.8.1 has been released, with several small fixes and additional features, mostly related to displaying features on peptide sequences.

Files for download:

Changes in this release:

  • Added support for cigarAttribute and mdAttributes configuration
    variables to Alignments and Alignments2 tracks, allowing users to
    change which feature attribute is used for showing mismatches
    (issue #200).
  • Fixed some bugs preventing Alignments and Alignments2 tracks
    from working with non-BAM data backends.
  • Added --trackLabel and --key options to prepare-refseqs.pl,
    allowing users to specify the sequence track’s label and title.
  • Added --seqType option to prepare-refseqs.pl, allowing users to
    specify the type of sequences being formatted, usually either
    ‘dna’, ‘rna’, or ‘protein’. Additionally, if –seqType is
    something over than DNA (case insensitive), “showReverseStrand” is
    set to false on the reference sequence track.
  • Added a shareURL configuration option that accepts a JS function
    to assemble the URL that users will get when clicking the “Share”
    button or the “Full view” link in embedded mode (issue #198).
  • Fixed annoying bug in which popup feature detail boxes are
    initially scrolled all the way to the bottom.

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