JBrowse 1.6.3 bugfix release

JBrowse 1.6.3 has been released, containing fixes for some small issues in the 1.6.2 release.

Files for download:

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed bug with shift-rubberband-zooming not working on Windows
    (issue #150) (Erik Derohanian).
  • Fixed “Can’t locate JSON.pm” errors with add-track-json.pl.
  • Added a reference-sequence-selection dropdown box, similar to the
    old one, that is shown by default if fewer than 30 reference
    sequences, otherwise it’s off unless refSeqDropdown: true is set
    in the configuration (issue #138).
  • Fixed bug in which popup dialog boxes showing other websites showed
    the website in only the top portion of the dialog box. Only
    present in some browsers (issue #149).
  • Fix coordinate display bug in feature detail popups. The feature’s
    position was being displayed in interbase coordinates, but should
    be displayed in 1-based coordinates. Thanks to Steffi Geisen for
    pointing this out.
  • Added a style.height option to Wiggle tracks to control the
    track’s height in pixels (issue #131) (Erik Derohanian).
  • Added support for a style.trackLabelCss configuration variable to
    allow customizing the appearance of the label for a particular
    track (issue #4) (Erik Derohanian).

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