JBrowse 1.6.0 released, includes feature descriptions and more!

I’m very pleased to announce the release of JBrowse 1.6.0! This release is not quite as major as the previous two releases, but there are still some nice things added.

As usual, this release comes in two flavors: the “minimal” release (JBrowse-1.6.0-min.zip – 2.8M) that includes only the software and documentation necessary to format your own data and run the browser, and the “full” release (JBrowse-1.6.0-min.zip– 27.2M) that includes the developers’ test suite, more sample data files, and developer documentation. Here is the full list of new improvements in 1.6.0:

  • Added description capabilities to HTML-based features, similar to
    GBrowse’s descriptions. If zoomed in far enough (as defined by
    style.descriptionScale), adds a second line of text below the
    feature’s label that shows the content’s of the featur’s Note or
    description attribute (issue #67).

  • Give prepare-refseqs.pl the capability to load reference sequences
    from embedded FASTA sections in GFF3 files (issue #128).

  • Configuration files can now recursively include eachother, and
    tracks sections are merged intelligently.

  • Made sequence tracks not disappear when zoomed out too far to see
    base pairs. Instead, sequence tracks simply display lines
    suggesting that DNA would be visible at higher
    magnification. (issue #124).

  • Double-clicking track labels in the simple track selector now turns
    the track on (issue #123).

  • Fixed bug in BigWig tracks that use the “scale”: “log” option: did
    not render properly when the wiggle data included 0’s. This was due
    to the fact that the origin was being mapped to Infinity. Thanks to
    the Mockler Lab for the fix! (issue #127).

  • Fixed bug in NCList binary search code in which zero-length
    features at node boundaries would not be found (fix by Ed Lee).

  • Fixed bug in which dragging the scroll bar on the simple track
    selector can sometimes cause a drag-and-drop to erroneously begin
    (issue #89).

  • Fixed some bugs in the layout of HTML-based features in which
    features in different blocks would overlap in some circumstances.
    Under the hood, replaced the contour-based layout engine with a
    simpler, not-much-slower implementation that is more correct in the
    general case (issue #122).

  • Fixed a bug with vertical centering of strand arrows and other
    sub-elements of HTML-based features.

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