JBrowse 1.3.1 released

JBrowse 1.3.1 has been released, this is a minor release with fixes for some bugs found in 1.3.0.

JBrowse-1.3.1-min.zip – 2.0MB
Includes all that is needed for running JBrowse and formatting your own data.
JBrowse-1.3.1-full.zip – 4.7MB
Includes developer API documentation, developer test suites, additional sample data

Changes in this release

* Fixed memory-management bug that caused way too much RAM to be used
by FeatureTrack loading (flatfile, bam, and biodb-to-json.pl) when
loading with very large numbers of reference sequences. Big thanks
to Tristan Lubinski for help in isolating this.

* Fixed some bugs in BAM support section of setup.sh autosetup
script, thanks to Tristan Lubinski for help in isolating this as

* Added an example document with an iframe running JBrowse in
embedded mode in docs/examples/embedded_mode.html

* flatfile-to-json.pl now loads the ‘score’ attribute of features in the

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