JBrowse 1.14.2 maintenance release

JBrowse 1.14.2 has been released!

Files for download

Minor improvements

  • Added a datasetSelectorWidth configuration key that sets the width of the dataset
    selector. The width defaults to 15em. Example setting in tracks.conf:

    classicMenu = true
    datasetSelectorWidth = 20em

    Thanks to @srobb1 for pointing out the need for this. (issue #1059, @rbuels)

  • When exporting GFF3 from the ‘Save track data’ menu, the ##sequence-region pragma now
    specifies the exact sequence region that was exported from the UI. Thanks to @mwdavis2
    for pointing this out! (issue #905, @rbuels)

  • Improved the welcome screen for the desktop version of JBrowse
    (issue #1045, issue #1050, @cmdcolin)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the --config option for add-bw-track.pl. Although documented in the script’s POD,
    it was not actually being processed. Thanks to @loraine-gueguen for noticing it, and for
    contributing the fix! (issue #1063, issue #1064, @loraine-gueguen)

  • Fixed a bug in which setup.sh failed if run twice in a row under some circumstances.
    (issue #1053, @cmdcolin)

  • Fixed a bug in which setup.sh did not accept nodejs version 10 as sufficiently recent.
    (issue #1048, @cmdcolin)

  • Fixed a bug in which the “Loading…” message erroneously appeared at the top of the
    dataset-selection page. Many thanks to @srobb1 for noticing this and reporting it!
    (issue #1057, @rbuels)

  • JSON syntax errors in the new configuration loading code now have better error messages.
    Thanks to @billzt for pointing out the need for this! (issue #1061, @rbuels)

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