JBrowse 1.14.1 maintenance release

JBrowse 1.14.1 has been released!

Files for download

Minor improvements

  • JBrowse now supports .idx indexes for VCFs that are generated by igvtools or GATK. Currently
    only VCF files can be used with this index type, but this could be expanded to other file types
    if users are interested. Thanks to @thon-deboer for suggesting this! (issue #1019, @rbuels)

  • The dropdown dataset selector in “classic menu” mode is now a type-ahead combo box, enabling
    fast searching through large numbers of datasets. Thanks to @keiranmraine for the suggestion!
    (issue #752, @rbuels)

  • There is now a new event named /jbrowse/v1/n/tracks/redrawFinished that fires after the
    view is refreshed, when all of the visible tracks are finished drawing (or have errored).
    Thanks to @scottcain for suggesting this. (issue #1027, @rbuels)

  • Improve the calculation of feature density for GFF3Tabix and add new one for GFF3 in-memory.
    Thanks to @hkmoon for the suggestion! (issue #1039, issue #913, @cmdcolin)

  • Re-enabled JBrowse Desktop builds based on automatically building on Travis-CI
    (issue #1028, @cmdcolin)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs related to the file-opening dialog’s handling of indexed file types
    (bam+bai, gz+tbi, etc). Thanks to @sletort for submitting the bug report! (issue #1033, @rbuels)

  • The Perl formatting tools now properly read include-ed configuration files. Thanks to @carrere
    for pointing out this bug. (issue #551, @rbuels)

  • Fixed a bug in which the faceted track selector was nonfunctional in Internet Explorer 11.
    (issue #1036, @rbuels)

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