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AJAX GBrowse:
Genome Browser Improvements and Community Genome Annotation

Mitchell Skinner
Holmes Lab
University of California, Berkeley

Goal: Google Maps for the Genome + Wikipedia for the Genome

(static, CGI-based page refresh)
original Yahoo MapsUCSC Genome Browser,
(dynamic, faster, better UI)
Google MapsAJAX GBrowse

Ajax GBrowse

Ajax GBrowse

Rendering Tiles

Rendering Tiles - expensive

Rendering Tiles - optimizations

A pixel-based approach is inherently expensive.

Client-side rendering?

Client-side rendering?

Client-side rendering: HTML

Client-side rendering advantages

What we've done

Where we're going

Open source project, part of GMOD:
(see "ajax" subdirectory in CVS)

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Why in a web browser?