Source Code and Downloads

Issue Tracker

Use the JBrowse issue tracker on GitHub to submit feature requests and report specific bugs.

Development Roadmap

The course of JBrowse development is set by the GitHub issues and the release milestones they are assigned to.  The GitHub development milestones page is a good start for exploring what new features are planned for each release. See also the development roadmap blog posts on this site.



Lead developer Rob Buels, and often others, hang out in the #gmod IRC channel on the freenode IRC network. For directions on connecting to Freenode, see  The gmod-ajax mailing list (managed at SourceForge) is a good place to talk about development, as well.


JBrowse is a trademark of the Evolutionary Software Foundation. Permission to use this trademark should be solicited by email to ihholmes at gmail dot com and will typically be granted for activities that do not compromise the role of the ESF as primary custodians of the JBrowse software and name. (For example, mentioning that your company offers JBrowse customization or consultancy will almost certainly be OK; selling a software package as “JBrowse Plus”, or similar, may be problematic.)

The JBrowse source code is copyright of the Evolutionary Software Foundation.