Latest release

  • Volvox mythicus example/test data – the latest JBrowse release, showing the primary test data set used in development.  Includes demonstrations of all major JBrowse track types, including direct display of BAM alignments and coverage, direct display of BigWig data, and more.  This data is made up for demonstration purposes.
  • Faceted track selection demo – running in the latest JBrowse release with over 1,800 tracks.  Based on a snapshot of the modENCODE track metadata taken from  Note that the actual track data and reference sequences in this track selection demo are just made-up test data.
  • Human hg19 genes – a demonstration of a large dataset.  From UCSC Genome Database –
  • Drosophila melanogaster genes – from FlyBase release 5.52.  Good demonstration of JBrowse 1.12.0 canvas-based gene glyphs.

Older instances