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JBrowse 1.4.1 released

JBrowse 1.4.1 has been released, containing some small fixes for issues in the 1.4.0 release. – 2.6M – 5.5M Changes in this release: Made displayColumns option for the faceted track selector case-insensitive, and interpret a column name of “Name” as … Continue reading

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JBrowse 1.4.0 released, includes faceted track selection!

JBrowse 1.4.0 has been released!  There are two headline features in this release: a new, extremely powerful faceted track selector that makes it easy for users to search through hundreds or thousands of tracks based on their metadata, and much better support … Continue reading

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Poliovirus / XRate demo by Oscar Westesson

Oscar Westesson has contributed a nice demonstration of using JBrowse 1.2.1 to display and compare performance of four different XRate grammars on the poliovirus genome. View demo Download .zip (35M) Thanks Oscar!

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JBrowse 1.3.1 released

JBrowse 1.3.1 has been released, this is a minor release with fixes for some bugs found in 1.3.0. – 2.0MB Includes all that is needed for running JBrowse and formatting your own data. – 4.7MB Includes developer API documentation, … Continue reading

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JBrowse 1.3.0, a major release!

JBrowse version 1.3.0 has arrived! We have a long list of improvements in this release, some of which have been a long time coming.  It’s full speed ahead from here: more major new features are just around the corner! This … Continue reading

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JBrowse 1.2.2 released

This is a minor bugfix release, containing fixes for display of unstranded features and a correction to the tutorial HTML file that incorrectly suggested using to format feature data from a BAM file. JBrowse 1.2.2 can be downloaded from … Continue reading

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hg19 tarball updated to JBrowse 1.2.1

A new tar.gz file is available, containing a copy of JBrowse 1.2.1  with Human hg19 data.  Being based on a more recent version of JBrowse, it should work much better than the previous hg19 tarball releases.  Enjoy! The new file … Continue reading

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JBrowse in Google Summer of Code 2012

Great news!  JBrowse has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2012 under the Genome Informatics umbrella organization.  Many thanks to Reactome’s Robin Haw for shepherding the Genome Informatics organization through the application process! Are you a college undergraduate interested … Continue reading

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